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Hue wrong in videos

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I discovered that the hue on my videos was out. On VLC, I was manually able to adjust the hue, but it only worked once, however the other media players were out.

Then I found another solution:

Fix for system - may not work for vlc

From terminal run


then go to the video tab (shown below)

Multimedia Systems selector window

Under Default Output, try the two options that are there by default.  Then click on "Test". The test window should look like this:

Video Test pattern

If the window has different colours, then the options is not right.

If you have tried all the options, try selecting custom and putting the following in the "Pipeline" field:

ffmpegcolorspace ! video/x-raw-yuv,format=(fourcc)YV12 ! xvimagesink

Test it again. If still no success, then try this in the "Pipeline" field":

videobalance hue=-1 ! autovideosink

Then test. If it still does not work, then I am sorry that it did not work. Try the following VLC fix.

VLC fix

This may not be nessiary if above worked, but it was required for me (even though above worked for other apps).

Open up VLC and go to Settings => Preferences => Video => Filters. Check the "" checkbox.

VLC preferences window=> Video => Filters

Then go to the Image adjust settings and move the hue all the way to the right (to 360).

VLC preferences window=> Video => Filters => Image adjust

Then click "Save" and then open a video to test. If it is not right try different values of the hue.

Hopefully it should be all fixed. if it is not, then I hope you find something that fixes your problem soon.



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